Autism Checklist – Does my child have Autism?

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Autism Checklist – Does my child have Autism?

For parents wondering if their little ones are exhibiting signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), refer to the checklist below to guide you as to whether he/she may need further assessment.

If you have gone through the checklist and it reveals that your little one needs further assessment, make sure you’re going to the right place to get that done. A diagnosis that will be accepted by the school system will come from a developmental pediatrician or a neuropsychologist. If your child is diagnosed, the prescribing physician will most likely recommend some sort of behavioral oriented therapy program, which is often helpful.


Autism Checklist


Unfortunately, there are no medications that are effective in the core behavioral manifestations of ASD. Behavioral concerns and co-existing conditions are usually addressed with antipsychotics, anti-seizure medications, anti-depressants, and stimulants. Understandably, parents are often uneasy giving these heavy duty medicines to young children. However, they are willing to try anything to improve the lives of their loved ones. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives that do not carry all of the harmful side effects. These can be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical medications or on their own. The sooner these therapies are started, the better it is for your little one’s developing brain. If your loved one is already developed, that’s OK too. We can still make a powerful impact. It is important to remember that our goal is not to make your little one like the kid next door. Our goal is to improve cognitive functioning and behavior. There is no magic pill to cure ASD, but we can definitely make great improvements, and I have witnessed this in my practice.

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