Become a Patient

Scottsdale Naturopathic Medicine

We see patients in our office in Scottsdale, Arizona and online.

Become a Patient

Scottsdale Naturopathic Medicine

We see patients in our office in Scottsdale, Arizona and online.

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    Start with a Free 15 Minute Consult

    Dr. Lim will briefly discuss your concerns and health history, and let you know if homeopathic treatment seems appropriate for you.

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    Treatment Options

    Dr. Lim can also discuss the option of doing some à la carte services such as IV therapy and acupuncture if that is what you are interested in pursuing.

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    Initial Consultation

    A thorough physical - craniosacral assessment, medical records, new labs if needed, and homeopathic medicines are prescribed.

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    Follow Up Wellness Visits

    We will review your symptoms, assess of your response to treatment, and decide if changes are needed. 

Establishing Care

We Get To Know You

Initial Consultation: $550 (3.5 hours)

When you become a patient, the initial consultation is often broken into two sessions of 1 hour 45 minutes each, one session in the morning and one session in the afternoon, or each session on separate days. This is done for ease of scheduling or financial preference of the patient. (Visit prices are subject to change every 1-2 years.)

Booking Just 1 Initital Consulatation

$100 at the time of scheduling + $450 at the time of visit.

Splitting Initial Consultation into 2 Sessions

If broken into two visits, they are 1 hour 45 minutes each, with $100 at the time of scheduling + $225 at each of the 2 first visits.

Initial Consultation Involves:

  • Discussion of your current medical concerns, past medical history, family history, and any other health concerns you have.

  • Physical examination and Craniosacral assessment as appropriate based on your health history.

  • Discussion of diagnosis, testing, and treatment options that may be helpful.

  • We will request of past medical records from other physicians if necessary.

  • We will order new labs if appropriate.

  • We may recommend vitamins, herbs, or other natural supplements.

  • Discussion of benefits and risks of homeopathic treatment.

  • In depth review of your primary symptoms, to determine which homeopathic medicine would be best to treat them.

  • We will prescribe a homeopathic medicine specific to your case, typically costing $9 per vial that would usually last over a month.

  • Homeopathic medicines can be mailed to out-of-state patients, and some are sold in stores.

Follow Up Visits:

  • We will review your symptoms, assess of your response to treatment, and decide if changes are needed.

  • 30-minute regular follow up ($110).

  • 15-minute mini follow up can be scheduled if you have been responding well to your protocol ($55).

  • 45-minute extended follow up if you need significant changes to your protocol ($165).

  • Follow ups are usually once per month at first, and can be reduced in frequency or increased if needed based on your individual case.

  • Dr. Lim offers one free phone check-in within the first month of starting treatment, usually within the first 1-2 weeks..

  • We will continue to schedule follow up visits, usually once every 4-8 weeks, until symptoms are resolved. This typically takes 1/4 of the time that the illness has been present..

Healthcare Packages

We find that patients get much better much faster when a combination of treatments are used simultaneously, such as homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, and counseling. You can sign up for a package of visits and services, and save $200 or more! Ask about our package deals when you call to schedule your appointment.

We also offer packages for IV therapy, Craniosacral therapy, Hydrotherapy, and Acupuncture. Call (480)426-8040 to inquire about these.!

We are considered out-of-network providers and do not take insurance as a form of payment. We do accept health savings account cards, and you can submit paperwork directly to your insurance company to try to get reimbursed by them.

Between 80-90% of patients feel an improvement after the first 1-2 weeks of treatment.

Become a Patient

Become a Patient

We see patients in person and online.

Our office is conveniently located at 11000 N. Scottsdale Rd. and serves patients in  Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Cave Creek, and Gilbert Arizona.

For patients not located near our office, Dr. Lim uses a HIPPA compliant video telemedicine program to treat patients from afar.

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