How to Manage Stress Naturally

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How to Manage Stress Naturally

In our hectic lives, it is easy to experience stress nowadays. Most of us likely know how stress manifests uniquely in our bodies. Whether it’s headaches, insomnia, increased/decreased appetite, GI issues, fatigue, a short temper, or anxiety, stress can wreak havoc on our bodies. Unmanaged stress can lead to health concerns such as high blood pressure, back pain, diabetes, and obesity, not to mention the effect it has on our mental health!

So what if there was a way to see just how stress is affecting us internally? Well, there is. It’s called Biofeedback Therapy. Biofeedback machines can detect a person’s internal bodily functions with far greater sensitivity and precision than a person can alone. I use it to help tense and anxious patients learn to manage their stress and anxiety. Biofeedback can also be used to help patients cope with pain. Performing stress reduction techniques while attached to a biofeedback machine is in a word, incredible. When you perform stress reduction techniques while attached to the machine, you are able to visually see how these efforts are having a physiological impact on your body. It is instant feedback, and the more treatments you have, the more efficient you become at managing your stress.

In addition to Biofeedback Therapy, other ways to manage your stress include meditation, exercise, spending 30 minutes doing something you love every day, getting sunshine daily, breathing techniques, and journaling. There also may be a physiological reason why you may not be able to manage your stress, so getting appropriate blood work to determine the cause and taking certain supplements for that underlying cause may be necessary.

If you’re feeling stressed out or anxious and need some help, we can help pinpoint physical health concerns that affect your ability to manage stress and life in general. Dr. Lim is an Integrative Mental Health Doctor and uses both eastern and western medicine to help her patients live a balanced life, and uses homeopathy, acupuncture, craniosacral, constitutional hydrotherapy, nutritional counseling, and IV Nutrient counseling. Make an appointment for a free consultation here.

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