What is IV Therapy?

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What is IV Therapy?

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Vitamin IV therapy is the when high dose minerals/vitamins/chelators are delivered directly into your bloodstream. You can get IV Therapy for:

chronic dehydration

preparing the body for or recovering from surgery

eliminating toxins such as mold and heavy metals from the body

restoring the function of the immune system

relaxation and improving mood.

IV Therapy is no longer for celebrities and for the wealthy. Even Good Morning America highlighted IV Therapy this year! Check it out HERE! 


What will happen when I get an IV?

An N.D./M.D./D.O./N.P. with with additional training in IV  Therapy will administer. During the treatment, a needle will be inserted into a vein in your arm, and the contents of the IV bag are delivered into your body over a period ranging from 45 mins – 2 hours. After the initial “stick”, the IV experience is relatively painless. You will usually be in a comfortable chair and are free to read, talk on the phone, or visit with others during your treatment.


How often do I need an IV?

The frequency of IV treatments varies greatly from patient to patient. Some people need to do intensive/targeted therapies for their disease (such as alcoholism, cancer, lyme disease) and will need IV’s 2-3 times per week for a set amount of time. Others may need IV’s once a week or even once a month to help support physiological function. IV’s are also helpful as needed when you are sick or are in a state of panic or depression. Your doctor will give you specific recommendations during your first visit.


How quickly will I feel the effects?

You can feel the benefits of receiving IV therapy as soon as during the IV treatment itself, to 24 hours later. For example, if you are receiving a calming or energizing IV, you will be able to feel that during and immediately after your IV. If you are receiving an immune boosting IV, the results will be more subtle as it is working to restore your immune system.


How much does an IV cost?

The cost of IV Therapy varies greatly depending on what the contents are, the size of the bag, and what part of the country you reside in. Average prices range from about $90 to up to $300 per IV. Vitamin IV Therapy in Scottsdale pricing can be found by calling (480)426-8040 or scheduling a free phone consult with Dr. Hillary Lim HERE!

Insurance typically does not cover IV Therapy because it’s considered preventative medicine by most insurance companies. However, there are some instances where it is covered! The best practice is to call your insurance company and ask whether IV Therapy for your condition will be covered and/or apply toward your annual deductible.


If you have any more questions that weren’t answered by this article, you can read more about Vitamin IV Therapy in Scottsdale  HERE!

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